So you've followed the getting started guide but Immunicity isn't working for you? We're sorry to hear that, Immunicity was designed to work with just one browser change, but occasionally that doesn't always go to plan.

1. When I try or another blocked site, it doesn't work

Firstly go to the getting started guide and verify you've entered the settings correctly. If you typed the PAC file URL rather than copying it, make sure you've spelled it correctly.

2. My PAC file is correct but it doesn't work

Close your browser then reopen it. If not, try rebooting your computer. We hate this as much as you but sometimes it is a necessity. It has fixed 99.9% of people experiencing problems with Immunicity so far.

3. I've rebooted but it still doesn't work

Follow the getting started guide but this time use the PAC file in the box below and see if this works. It looks the same however it starts with http rather than https as this causes problems with some browsers.

4. The new PAC file didn't work, is Immunicity down?

You can always see the latest system status report at If any of the services are down, you may experience problems.

5. I use the Anonymox add-on in Firefox or the Proxmate extension in Chrome

These are reported not to work and can cause problems with Immunicity. You'll need to disable them then restart your browser. Sorry, but the incompatabilities are beyond our control.

6. My ISP is TalkTalk

We're aware of an issue with TalkTalk that prevents our service from sometimes working, and are looking into a fix. TalkTalk HomeSafe is designed to censor what you can access, and all of TalkTalk's customers traffic is routed via it, this can cause problems with Immunicity. We've had reports that TalkTalk customers can fix the problem by rebooting.

7. My ISP is UPC Nederland

We're aware of an issue with UPC Nederland that prevents our service from working, and are looking into a fix.

8. I've tried all of the above that apply to me and it still doesn't work

If you've definitely rebooted and its not working, open a support ticket and tell us what operating system you're using, what browser and what version of the browser, the browser add-ons/extenstions you use (if any), what ISP you're with, plus any additional information you think will help. We'll try to be in touch to find ask some more questions into your setup to diagnose the problem.

If you are opening a ticket provide this unique troubleshooting ID number:
This helps us deal with requests more efficiently.

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