By browsing this website ( you understand that we may use cookies to interpret how our visitors interact with our site.

By configuring your browser to use Immunicity, you understand that you are allowing traffic to websites on our block list to be routed through our servers (the Immunicity cloud) in order to be unblocked, and you also understand that we do not log any requests on our server, for example, we have no way of knowing what IP addresses requested what pages at what times. It is physically impossible for anyone at Immunicity to find out who does what. We do however keep a general metric of how many people use Immunicity, but this doesn't include what sites you access or anything else, it is simply an anonymised number. We also graph traffic flow so we can see how much raw data was being routed through our servers, again this does not include anything such as IP addresses or sites you access. We use Amazon CloudFront to serve the PAC file which means when you start your browser/computer, a request is made to download our latest configuration, but nothing here is logged either on Amazon's systems or on ours.

We take your privacy extremely seriously. It is important to remember that Immunicity is not an encryption tool, therefore it does not obfuscate any of your HTTP traffic. We do not decrypt SSL on our servers to protect the integrity of the communication between you and the site - these remain fully secure. If you see any SSL certificate warnings, please be cautious as it could indicate a man-in-the-middle attack.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us.

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