• Create Your PAC File

    Navigate to the Create page to get started.

    Give your custom PAC file a friendly name, a description and an optional password to protect the config.

    Add the URLs you wish to reach through the uncensored proxies.

    Click Create

  • Share Your PAC File

    The View page provides an overview of your custom PAC file.

    It also allows anyone with the password to add or remove URLs from the PAC configuration.

    Other users can clone the PAC file to make their own version so they can add or remove URLs without affecting the original.

  • Configure Your Browser To Use A Pac

    Check the How-to section for advice on how to configure your browser to work with these PAC files.

  • Browse An Uncensored Internet - Free

    You're now able to browse the Internet and should be able to reach websites that were previously censored.

    ISPs are deploying more pervasive technology in order to keep up with the demands of laws such as the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. A side effect of which is the ability to perform Deep Packet Inspection which can defeat simple proxy configs.

    If you still find yourself censored then visit Brass Horn Communications or SurviveTheClairePerryInter.net for more technical advice on how to defeat most ISP censorship.