Blocked sites

This page shows all of the domains that currently pass through our servers when you setup your browser to use Immunicity. When you do, these sites will all work again if they've been blocked by your ISP. If a particular site is blocked in your country, please add it to this list we'll look into adding it. To clarify, on the sites listed below will be unblocked by Immunicity.

Torrent sites and general

Porn sites
Please note we're currently conducting a technical trial with these sites so only some users will be able to access them through Immunicity. Everyone else using our service will simply connect directly. Go to service update 30/07/2020 to find out more. In due course we will be adding many more sites to this list.
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Immunicity is simple to set up, and doesn't require registration of any kind. It takes less than 2 minutes to configure, and doesn't interfere with your normal browsing.

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